Let’s make a 3D impression using Da Vinci Pro 1.0 by XYZ Printing


Using the XYZmaker software or other CAD program of your choice, begin the process to design each of the parts of your molecules. It may help your students to first sketch out the shape and size of their design on paper before trying to design it in the CAD program.

3D Printing Process

Once your designs are complete, you can start to process the files using the included XYZware slicer software.

Step 1. Launch the XYZware software. Ensure that your 3D Printer is setup and connected to your computer. If it is not connected, you will see the following message:

Step 2. Import your design file(s) that you want to print. The following formats can be imported:

– .3w

– .stl

– .nkg

– .3mf

Import in the sample files for this project: 30-01.stl, 30-02.stl

Step 3. Select the scale of your 3D model. After selecting your option, the model will be auto placed on the center of your build platform. If importing in more than one part, each part can be moved along the X and Y axis to allow for multiple parts to be built at the same time.

Step 4. Once you have your settings configured, you can either save the configuration or print the file.

Step 4.1. Export your settings to other XYZprinting brand 3D Printers.

Step 4.2. Save the file

Step 4.3. Start your print. This option will send the information to your 3D Printer. Make sure that you have the 3D Printer connected to your computer that is running the XYZware software.

For best print results, change the Quality to the Excellent setting. If you are having adhesion problems, select the Raft and Brim options. If parts are adhering to the print bed without any problems, uncheck the Raft and Brim options and only select Supports.

Select the Advanced option to change the infill settings. Click on the Infill Density option. To ensure the part has a solid core, change the infill settings to 90% and the Quality to Excellent. Changing the infill setting to a more solid infill will produce a stronger part and allow for more torque to be applied to the part.

After selecting all of your options, click on the Print button to start printing. Before the part can be printed, the 3D model needs to be sliced into layers. The XYZware program will slice your object and notify you when the slicing is completed.

Once the slicing is completed, click on the Print button to send the job to the printer.

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